Tree Removal

Professional Tree Removal Services – Long Island, NY

There are lots of reasons why you might want to have a tree removed from your property.

The certified arborists at Suffolk Tree Care love trees; you’ll hear us say that all the time. And while our first goal is always to maintain the health and strength of trees, shrubs, and other large plant life, we understand that there are times when a tree cannot be saved.

Trees that have been damaged by storms like the weight of fallen snow or ice will need removal. Trees that are stricken with disease or a dead tree will need to be removed.

A tree that has a root system that cannot support its weight, often need to be removed from a property.

When trees are too damaged to be saved, you can count on the tree removal specialists at the Suffolk Tree Care who have been helping our customers around Long Island for years.

Dead trees or damaged trees that pose the risk of falling present a dangerous liability to homeowners and business owners.

When you notice that a tree might be diseased or dead or pest-infested, it’s a good idea to enlist the help of a local professional tree care service.

Our years of experience in tree care have allowed us to create the industry’s best practices for tree removal. We use the most current equipment and methods for removing trees quickly and efficiently.

When we’re done, it will appear as though the tree was never there.

Because we are locally owned and operated, we understand the needs of the Long Island community. We can address those needs with the care and attention that homeowners and business owners deserve.

What can I do if a tree has fallen on my property?

It’s advisable to remove that tree as quickly as possible if a tree has become so damaged or diseased that it has fallen on your property.

Fallen trees present a health and safety risk for people and liability for property and structures. Our emergency tree removal services can quickly remove fallen trees and restore your property to a safe condition.

One of the things that we care about the most is the satisfaction of our customers.

After years of serving Suffolk County and Long Island with our tree care and tree removal services, we have developed a large, loyal following of customers.

Our customers appreciate the work we do. Because we keep our prices as competitive as possible, we believe that we can offer high-quality professional tree care to all homeowners and business owners on Long Island.

Our goal is not to just come and chop down trees; we want to create an environment with healthy abundant plant life on your property.

We have high levels of expertise and how to handle the trees and shrubs on your property, and we look forward to learning about your tree care needs.