Stump Removal

Professional Stump Removal – Long Island, NY

People have stumps on their property for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they were left by a previous homeowner, and other times you had a land clearing project that you started, and you never got around to get rid of the stump. 

Tree stumps on properties present a few problems. First, they are a safety risk, especially if you have a riding lawn mower that could tip over or children who run around the yard and could potentially trip. 

Leftover stumps are also unsightly, and if you ever decide to sell your property, you’re probably going to want to get rid of your yard’s eyesore.

We’re excited to let you know that we have professional tree stump removal. The experts at Suffolk Tree Care use the most current equipment to quickly and efficiently get rid of stumps on your property.

Because our professionals have been doing this for years, we can remove the stumps and also remove any liability that the stumps present to you and your property.

Should I remove a tree stump myself?

Some homeowners want to do it themselves and will rent a stump grinder in an attempt to remove the stump.

While this is fine for some people, who might have experience with the equipment we’re concerned about, using new equipment of that caliber could present a safety and health risk for you while you’re using it.

We do stump removal every day, and we grind stumps to remove them. Because we’re experts at using this equipment, it’s probably advisable to enlist our professional tree care services to remove your stump instead of trying to do it yourself. 

Stump Removal and Lot Clearing on Long Island

If you need more than one stump removed and you’re considering lot clearing, we can help.

One of our most popular services is clearing land and removing trees and stumps on that land. 

To learn more, please call our professional tree care experts, and ask about our stump removal and stump grinding services.