Professional Tree Removal – Long Island, NY

Professional tree removal services in Long Island, NY, may be required for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s a purely cosmetic issue, such as clearing land for new constructions, while other situations surface when trees threaten the surroundings or safety of your family. Either way, Suffolk Tree Care can take care of the problem in a safe and efficient manner.

tree removal Long Island

The tree removal procedures are among the most challenging horticultural tasks that anyone can encounter. Therefore, it’s a job that should only be handled by a team of tree surgeons that boast the skills, experience, and equipment needed for the task at hand.

Suffolk Tree Care is pleased to offer a comprehensive tree removal service that treats the problematic plant without causing any damage to the surrounding areas. This restores the look and health of your backyard in the most spectacular fashion.

While our first goal is always to maintain the health and strength of trees, and shrubs, we understand that there are times when a tree cannot be saved. Our understanding of trees, as well as your homeowner needs, ensures that the best solution will be selected.

How To Know When A Tree Removal Service Is Needed

Under normal circumstances, a tree should only be removed when it stands in the way of planned home renovations or compromises the look and condition of the backyard.

When dealing with damaged trees, a range of telltale signs may highlight the need for tree removal in Long Island. If you have noticed fungi growing at the base of the trunk, peeling bark, cavities, or hanging branches in the upper crown, a tree surgeon may be required.

Suffolk Tree Care’s team of experts can provide a full and thorough survey and diagnostics of the situation to decipher what action should be taken, whether that’s tree removal or other landscaping maintenance, before discussing all options to ensure you’re happy with the decision.