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Professional Tree Removal – Long Island, NY

Professional tree removal services in Long Island, NY, may be required for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s a purely cosmetic issue, such as clearing land for new constructions, while other situations surface when trees threaten the surroundings or safety of your family. Either way, Suffolk Tree Care can take care of the problem in a safe and efficient manner.

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The tree removal procedures are among the most challenging horticultural tasks that anyone can encounter. Therefore, it’s a job that should only be handled by a team of tree surgeons that boast the skills, experience, and equipment needed for the task at hand.

Suffolk Tree Care is pleased to offer a comprehensive tree removal service that treats the problematic plant without causing any damage to the surrounding areas. This restores the look and health of your backyard in the most spectacular fashion.

While our first goal is always to maintain the health and strength of trees, and shrubs, we understand that there are times when a tree cannot be saved. Our understanding of trees, as well as your homeowner needs, ensures that the best solution will be selected.

How To Know When A Tree Removal Service Is Needed

Under normal circumstances, a tree should only be removed when it stands in the way of planned home renovations or compromises the look and condition of the backyard.

When dealing with damaged trees, a range of telltale signs may highlight the need for tree removal in Long Island. If you have noticed fungi growing at the base of the trunk, peeling bark, cavities, or hanging branches in the upper crown, a tree surgeon may be required.

Suffolk Tree Care’s team of experts can provide a full and thorough survey and diagnostics of the situation to decipher what action should be taken, whether that’s tree removal or other landscaping maintenance, before discussing all options to ensure you’re happy with the decision.

Top Reasons For Professional Tree Removal

Despite our best efforts, there comes a time whereby tree removal may be required. We will always aim to maintain the strength, health, and beauty of trees and shrubs, but sometimes it is simply not possible. With that in mind, read on to discover everything you need to know about tree removal.

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Common reasons for tree removal

There are a number of reasons why you may need to invest in tree removal services. This includes the following:

  • Eliminating encroaching trees – You don’t need us to tell you that trees grow! However, this fact means that they have a changing impact on the environment. When the tree was planted, the location may have been perfect. However, as time passes and new structures are constructed around the trees, problems can arise. This is especially the case when tree roots disturb the foundation of a building or house. Growing branches could also get in the way of power lines or other utilities. In such situations, the tree may need to be removed.
  • Removing a diseased tree – One of the main reasons why people need to have a tree removed is because it has become diseased. A professional will be able to evaluate the tree to determine whether it can be nursed back to health or whether it should be removed immediately. Often, the tree will need to be removed to prevent the disease from being spread to other trees. 
  • Getting rid of a damaged tree – Trees can often be damaged as a consequence of severe weather such as winter storms and thunderstorms. Lightning, in particular, can cause harm in a flash. Accidental contact with a vehicle or animals represents another source of tree damage.
  • Removing a dead tree – The sad fact is that trees sometimes die. When this happens, there is nothing you can do but remove the tree. As time goes on, the tree will lose strength, which can result in branches being broken off or the tree coming down altogether. Safe tree removal is a necessity to prevent an accident. 

Why you need a professional tree removal service

You need to choose a professional service because this is a dangerous job that requires the right tools and knowledge. If you attempt to remove a tree yourself without any training, you could end up seriously injuring yourself or someone else.

Contact Suffolk Tree Care for more information

If you would like to benefit from professional tree removal, Suffolk Tree Care can assist. We have many years of experience in the industry and an impeccable reputation to back it up. We will make sure your tree is removed efficiently and safely. 

For more information, please call us today on (631) 337-8866. We would be more than happy to provide you with a free estimate and answer any queries you may have.

When Do You Need Tree Pruning?

If your trees and shrubs are overgrown and unkempt, or they’re growing into a strange shape, you should consider talking to a tree care professional about tree pruning and trimming. Read on to discover everything you need to know. 

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What is tree pruning?

Pruning or tree trimming is the process of cutting away overgrown or dead stems or branches from trees, bushes, or shrubs. This is done to improve the appearance of plant life and stimulate growth.

The importance of pruning your trees

There are several reasons why trees may need pruning. These reasons include:

  • Providing clearance between a structure and a tree
  • The reduction of wind loading
  • To remove shade 
  • Removing defective or dangerous branches
  • Improving the structure of the tree

The process is a careful one, as removing a branch that is too big could cause a number of problems. The excessive volume of leaf-bearing material being removed could reduce the vitality of three. Disease could also enter the tree because of the wounds left behind. 

Why you should hire professionals for tree pruning

Tree pruning is not as simple as cutting a few branches from a tree. There is an art to it, and this is why it is imperative to use a professional service. You need to remove the dead parts of the tree, yet you need to make sure you don’t remove too much of the tree to the part where growth is hindered.

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For someone who has not received any training, it is challenging to know what parts of the tree are dead and what parts are alive. This is where a professional service comes in.

An expert will be able to ensure your trees are not only pruned and cut back in a healthy and effective manner but that the tree looks great and will continue to thrive.

Tree pruning specialists also have all of the right tools for the job, and they know about the correct and safe methods to use.

Some of the tools that are needed include a pole pruner, pruning saws, and pruning shears. The tools that need to be used will depend on the size, type, and location of the tree. The professional you hire will have the required knowledge to make the correct decision here. 

You can also save a lot of money by going down the professional route as well. This is because it costs a lot of money to purchase all of this equipment yourself. If you were to add up the cost of this, you would be able to see that it’s quite expensive!

Contact Suffolk Tree Care for more information

If you would like to benefit from professional tree pruning, look no further. At Suffolk Tree Care, we have many years of experience in the industry and an exceptional reputation.

For more information, please call us today on (631) 337-8866. We would be more than happy to provide you with a free estimate and answer any queries you may have. 

Common Reasons Our Clients Need Emergency Tree Removal

One of the biggest problems that many of our homeowner clients face is knowing when they need emergency tree removal.

Certainly, our standard tree removal services are appropriate for many situations, but there are times when a tree needs to be removed and the service cannot wait.

Our when tree removal is urgent, within 24 hours, you need emergency tree service.

Here are a few common situations where you probably need emergency services to remove your trees.

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Fallen Trees Present a Dangerous Environment

If trees on your property have fallen and have landed on power lines, a vehicle, or a house, you’ve got a dangerous condition.

The first advice we would give you in this emergency situation is to make sure that everyone is safe and accounted for. Your personal wellbeing is your priority.

If the fallen trees pose a danger to other people, you should call 911 and get the authorities involved.

Once you’ve checked to make sure everyone is ok, it’s time to call us. We will dispatch a certified arborist along with our tree removal crew to handle the situation.

If it is safe for you to do so, before we arrive, you should consider taking pictures to use when you file a claim with your insurance company.

Trees Have Been Damaged in a Storm

Long Island storms can be quite unpredictable. High winds, ice buildup, and heavy snow are some of the biggest contributors to damaged trees.

Damaged trees, especially those with weakened root systems can topple and cause extensive damage to nearby structures and vehicles.

When a storm has left you with damaged or fallen trees, you just might need emergency tree services.

Trees Are Diseased or Have Shallow Root Systems and Pose a Risk

As much as we love to keep trees healthy, we understand that sometimes trees are diseased beyond a point where they can be brought back.

When a tree becomes diseased or if the root systems in the trees never “took” to the ground, there’s a problem. That tree could fall on its own or as the result of a strong wind.

If you feel like you have a tree that could fall at any moment, emergency tree removal might be what you need.

What to Do When You Need Emergency Tree Removal

Time is of the essence, when you need to have a tree removed in an emergency, please call our hotline at: (631) 337-8866. We will help you to the best of our abilities.